German Lottery: EuroJackpot beats Lotto!

The highest jackpots ever won in Germany can be found in the table below.

We collected for you all record jackpots in Germany and listed how many people had to share the win.

The EuroJackpot is on the road to success and has already secured all positions in the Top 5 after a short time.

Amount and date of the lottery winners in germany:

  • 90 million EUR EuroJackpot 14 Oct. 2016 a player from Baden-Württemberg
  • 84.8 million EUR EuroJackpot 29 Jul 2016 a player from Hessen
  • 76.8 million EUR EuroJackpot 25. Mar. 2016 a player from North Rhine-Westphalia
  • 58.7 million EUR EuroJackpot 05 Dec. 2014 a player from Hessen
  • 49.7 million EUR EuroJackpot Jan. 1, 2016 a player from North Rhine-Westphalia

On October 14, 2016, a tipper from Baden-Wurttemberg won 90 million euros.

The previous record jackpot with the lottery Lotto 6 out49 is 45,382,458 euros. The jackpot was won and divided by three players during the draw of the lottery numbers on December 5, 2007, so that each winner received 15.1 million euros.

The German record jackpot and at the same time the highest single win was won at the EuroJackpot.

The highest single prize in the German lottery is 37,688,292 Euro and was won at the draw on 7 Oct. 2006.

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